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Our Story

We believe when we take care of our home, we take care of ourselves. That's why we offer uniquely designed and high-quality products that will continue to outlast movements and fads.

About Us

Colin and Finn is a modern throw pillow company that offers curated interior design styles. All of our throw pillow covers are handcrafted here in the United States and available in limited quantities. When you shop with Colin and Finn, you are supporting not only our small business but countless others throughout our supply chain.

The Process

We take the relationship business approach. While most of our pillow covers are produced in our workroom, we partner with a small team of creatives located around the U.S. when we need those extra sets of hands.

Making A Difference

It's our goal to bring you a more curated experience in your unboxing while also contributing to the world and community around us. Because of this, we are conscious when it comes to sustainable packaging, as well as donating our fabric remnants to local organizations.

The Founders

We're Jess and Chad, a husband and wife team and the founders of Colin and Finn. We started the company in 2018 in a small apartment bedroom in the Midwest. Now we have expanded to a workroom and continue to be hands-on in not only the design process, but the creation process as well.

As Colin and Finn continues to grow, our vision for the company remains the same. We believe in making beautiful, unique, and high quality pillow covers, as well as offering the best service and value we possibly can.

Together, we're building something beautiful.

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