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Playlist No. 02

September 28, 2020

Everyone is still feeling the 2020 woes of being at home. And as the season changes from summer sunshine to the cooler temperatures and changing colors of autumn, so should your music mood.

With that in mind, we put together our Autumn Acoustic Morning playlist for you. Its warm guitar sounds will be the perfect morning soundtrack.

So grab your cup of tea or coffee, pop this playlist on in the background, and take some time for yourself today.

Playlist No. 02 || Listen on Spotify

  1. Mornings - Sebastian Winskog
  2. Ever After - Maver Lein
  3. Fortified Heart - Elsa Pelling
  4. Coyote Wedding - Martin Klem
  5. Forthcoming - Bernard
  6. Small Town Voice - Gray Harper
  7. Harvesting - Minos Gold
  8. Falling Leaves - Dean Staffs
  9. Audrey Horne - Golden Retriever
  10. Romeo - R.J. Smith

And over thirty more songs!