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Pillow Combos

July 26, 2021

Pillow Combos from Colin and Finn

We've rounded up some various Pillow Combos that are sure to work with any home style. Check back often as we will continuously update this post!

1 Combo - 4 Sofa Colors

We are in love with this newest pillow cover. Not only is it the perfect colorway as we transition into the cooler temps and fall atmospheres, but it is perfect for any color of sofa. Whether your seating is light or dark, this pillow cover combination is a great way to

Pillow Combination from Colin and Finn featuring Bardot Burlap Lumbar, Bay Leaf Velvet, Mason, Parker in Burlap, and Zadie on various shades of couches

Fall Transition

It's end of summer but you're not ready for true fall decor yet? Check out Colin and Finn's newest mood board to help you during this transitioning season. With warmer tones but pops of natural hues, this design palette and pillow covers are the perfect inspiration for your fall transition.

Tangled in Blue

The color blue is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. We've put together this soft pillow combination to bring texture, warmth, and inspiration to your living space.

Warm + Soothing Mood Board

Some clients prefer warm and muted colors all year around and we have just the perfect pillow combination for that! Soft velvets with warm tones and added textures of chunky cotton and raised stripes, this Colin and Finn pillow grouping is great for a touch of coziness all year long.

Colin and Finn mood board with warm colors including Bay Leaf and Cognac Velvet, Felix, and  Gentry pillow covers

Soft Coastal Mood Board

Summer is just about here and this round up of throw pillows is the perfect modern taken on a beach retreat. Soft wicker details, plenty of greenery, and cozy Colin and Finn pillow covers to tie the space together.

Coastal Luxe Mood Board

The warmer days have arrived and Colin and Finn have rounded up this stunning Coastal Luxe Mood Board. Inspired by a beachy bungalow and a coastal cabana, this mood board is sure to bring the sunshine in your living space. By mixing and matching textures, this beige and green pillow combination sets a neutral tone for your pillow cover family.

Powder Blue Pillow Combo

You know one of our favorite things at Colin and Finn is to mix and match colors and textures. The softness of DANICA, the texture of EMERSON (Sky), and the gradient effect of AUDEN Lumbar create a stunning powder blue pillow collection.

Serene Blue Pillow Combo

This pillow combination mixes velvet and cotton textures, solid and bold patterns, and will still bring a sense of serenity to your bedroom. Whether your bed frame and headboard are gray, ivory, or wood, this soft pillow combination is sure to bring you peace is your happy resting place.

Black and Beige Pillow Combo

Sometimes it's difficult to find a pillow combination with a neutral palette and filled with texture. This grouping of pillow covers mixes and matches patterns, textures, and bring out pops of beige, black, and white. This pillow combination would look great on a dark couch (as shown) but would also completely pop on a light-colored couch.

Summertime Pillow Combo

This pillow combination will bring a fresh wave of texture and color to your bedroom. From the threaded details of "Blair" to the raised texture of "Dayton" and the serene blue of "Auden" lumbar, this combination is sure to bring a summertime softness to your resting place.

Soft Muted Pillow Combo

The perfect pillow combination for spring and summer. By mixing and matching colors, patterns, and textures we've curated a pillow family that is sure to wow your family and guests.

Soft and muted pillow combo from colin and finn

Beige Neutral Pillow Combo

Not a fan of bright colors or crazy patterns? No problem. We've curated this beautiful pillow combo including tones of beige, cream, taupes, and whites. Mix and match these four styles for a stunning, neutral look.

Black and White Mood Board

Sometimes you just need a simple black and white color palette. Pair these pillows together or add in our Chartreuse Velvet Pillow Cover to make a bold statement.